Indonesian Fashion Designer Wins Award for Kebaya Embroidery

The kebaya is the national costume for Indonesian women and is popular in many South Asian countries. Our next story is about a fashion designer who was recognized for his outstanding embroidery work.

Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng, presented an Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) award to Ramli Sarwi Gozali Kartowidjojo in Jakarta on Tuesday. The Award is a tribute to Ramli’s success as a “pioneer developer of Kebaya Embroidery” in Indonesia.This record-breaking achievement deserves a special thumbs-up — Ramli overcame a deadly opponent, advanced stage colon cancer, in order to accept it.

Rather than discouraging this remarkable fashion designer, the deadly disease provided him with the opportunity to develop his creativity and look inside himself.

[Ramli Sarwi Gozali Kartowidjojo, Indonesian Fashion Designer]:
“I am grateful, God still loves me. God didn’t take me directly. God still gave me an opportunity for introspection with my illness. Even in the rest of my life, I can still create something useful through my work.”

Ramli celebrated Valentine’s Day by holding a fashion show at a Jakarta hotel. Professional models displayed a total of 80 of his new works. All of them were designed after he had become severely ill two years ago.

[Titiek Puspa, Indonesian Artist]:
“I was very impressed. In sickness, Ramli can make a perfect show. I can’t imagine how he could design such perfect fashions… I salute him for not stopping before the Lord wills. I wish him continued success and hope he never retreats.”

Besides a fashion show, Ramli also launched his autobiography. The 360-pages book includes various kinds of embroidery work that he designed over 35 years, and tells how he rekindled his spirit for living after contracting fourth stage colon cancer.

[Ramli Sarwi Gozali Kartowidjojo, Indonesian Fashion Designer]:
“Believe in God. Any diseases that you face, God certainly will provide you with the best path. The key is not just praying, we also have to do what God requires in our daily lives. God is not demanding, it is we as humans who are full of demands.”

NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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